How to Create A Moment on Twitter

Twitter is a very busy social media platform as it is intended to be used to share thoughts through short messages called Tweets. Since a lot of people are using this platform these days, you might be seeing different kinds of posts on your feed. If you want to join the wagon, create a moment on Twitter by reading this article. 

Posting your own tweets, liking a photo and reposting others’ content are some of the few things that you can do on Twitter. This platform has allowed its followers to know what topics are trending worldwide by using hashtags. Twitter should allow you to express your thoughts and ideas freely. 

Since it might be hard for Twitter users to follow a lot of new people or check what are the trending topics, Twitter has created a feature called Twitter Moments. This feature will provide an option to combine a series of Tweets that is similar to slideshow stories. These collections of tweets can be retweeted, pinned, liked and embedded just like normal tweets. 

This feature on Twitter is similar to those found on other social media sites like Instagram stories and Facebook or Messenger stories. That means you can create your own curated stories and put it on your Twitter profile. If you’re ready, prepare your iPhone and follow the steps below. 

Be reminded that you can only create a moment on Twitter by logging in to on your phone’s web browser or on a computer and laptop. Creating Twitter moments is currently not available on their Android or iOS app. 

How to Create Twitter Moments on your iPhone

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Time Needed : 05 minutes

Here are the steps on you can create and publish your own Twitter moments using your iPhone:

  1. Log in your Twitter account at

    Type the website on your phone’s web browser. You can also use your computer or laptop.

    create a moment on iphone twitter

  2. Access your Profile.

    Just tap your profile picture at the upper left of the screen.

    twitter moment profile

  3. Look for the Moments tab.

    Once you find it, tap on it.

    twitter moment tab

  4. Click the Create new Moment icon.

    This is found at the upper right of the moment screen. 

    twitter moments icon

  5. Tap the Title your Moment option.

    This will allow you to enter your desired moment’s name.

    twitter moments title

  6. Select Add a Description option.

    Type in the description of your moment.

    twitter moments description

  7. Select the Tweets that you want to add on your moment.

    You can add Tweets that you've liked, Tweets by Account, Tweet search or Tweet link.

    twitter moments add tweets

  8. Tap Set Cover.

    If you want to add a cover photo or video for your moments, tap on this option.

    twitter moments set cover

  9. Tap on Publish at the upper right.

    If everything is set and ready, publish your moment. You can also select Finish later to save it as a draft.

    twitter moments publish

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You can also create a moment from Tweets. Just tap the drop down icon beside a tweet and select the moments tab. There are a lot of features that you can explore while creating your moment on Twitter. 

I hope that this article has provided you with the basic information on how to start creating your moments on Twitter. We also have our Youtube channel if  you want to explore tutorials and troubleshooting videos. Feel free to visit it anytime and don’t forget to like the videos and subscribe to our channel. Thank you. 

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