How To Change Your Gmail Password: The Easy Way

This post highlights the easy way to change your Gmail password. If haven’t done this before, reading this article should be of help.

Typically, changing your password regularly is critical to avoid unauthorized access on your account. Due to advent technology, hackers can easily intrude online accounts remotely (like Gmail) and can steal your identity or account information in no time. By then, they can use your account information for fraudulent activities like spam and phishing. Thus, a change of Gmail password will end the intruder’s access to your account. 

If you keep your personal information, sensitive or important contents, and company’s data in your Gmail, change your Gmail password right away to secure this information. This will not take so much of your time, so change your password now before it’s too late.

To keep you guided, we have listed the steps and illustrations on how the process is done. Refer to this guide to successfully update your password.

Easy Way To Change Your Gmail Password

Time Needed : 05 minutes

Highlighted in this post is the easy way to change your Gmail password on your iPhone. Depending on how good you are in navigating your Gmail menu settings, it may only take you of up to 5 minutes to finish changing and updating your Gmail password. So if you are ready, let's get started.

  1. Open the Google Chrome from the Home screen.


  2. Then enter your password and tap Next.


  3. Once logged in, tap the … (3 dots) on the lower-right corner of the screen.


  4. Scroll down to and tap on Settings.


  5. Under Settings, tap your Name.


  6. Then tap your Gmail account.


  7. Select Sign-in & security.


  8. The tap Password to change your Gmail password.


  9. Then enter your current password to verify, and then tap Next.


  10. Enter the new password, confirm, and then tap CHANGE PASSWORD.

    You will then be routed to a page showing a confirmation that the password changed is successfully.

  • Apple iPhone
  • Gmail Account

Once you have successfully changed your Gmail password, hackers can no longer access your account in their end and therefore, you Gmail account is secure again.

To keep your account protected, make sure not to share your password to anyone, login only to secure sites, choose a password that is unique and hard to crash. And lastly, make sure not to write your password on a sticky note, a notebook, or anything that is accessible by other people. Hence, create a distinctive password that you can easily remember.

And that’s it about changing and updating your Gmail password. We hope that this article has helped you one way or another. If you find this information relevant, please feel free to share this post. For more tutorial videos and troubleshooting guides for smartphones, visit our website or subscribe to our YouTube Channel. Thank you for reading!

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