How to Change Wallpaper on Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4

Is the default wallpaper on your new Samsung flip smartphone not concurring to your liking? You can easily change it through the phone’s display settings. In case you need some input in the process, you can make use of this quick guide to change wallpaper on Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4.

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Time Needed : 5 minutes

Every new Samsung Galaxy phone comes with a distinct wallpaper that serves as the core flagship identifier. While these default wallpapers have unique and sophisticated design, not all people would like them. Thus, Samsung made this display feature customizable.

Follow these steps if you want to change the current wallpaper on your Galaxy Z Flip4’s Home screen and Lock screen.

  1. Launch the Settings app to get started.

    change default wallpaper galaxy z flip4 1

    To do this, find then tap the Gear/Settings icon from the Home screen or Apps tray.

  2. In the main Settings menu, find then tap Wallpaper and style.

    change default wallpaper galaxy z flip4 2

    On the following screen, you will see the preview of the current Lock screen and Home screen wallpaper.

  3. To change the current wallpaper, tap My wallpapers. 

    change default wallpaper galaxy z flip4 3

    Different wallpapers for the Lock screen and Home screen will load up on the next display. You can browse through Featured and Downloaded wallpapers if you want.

  4. Find the wallpaper that you'd like to use then tap to select it.

    change default wallpaper galaxy z flip4 4

    A pop-up menu opens after you make a selection.

  5. On the pop-up menu, you may opt to set the selected wallpaper for the Home screen, Lock screen or both (Lock and Home screens).

    change default wallpaper galaxy z flip4 5

    Just tap to mark your preferred option.

  6. The preview of the recent wallpaper changes will show up on the next screen.

    change default wallpaper galaxy z flip4 6

    If you're okay with it, tap Set on Lock and Home screens or Set on either Lock screen or Home screen (depending on your preference).

    After a few moments, you will see that the new wallpaper has already applied and replaced the old one.

  7. You can also use a color palette if you want.

    change default wallpaper galaxy z flip4 7

    To do this, navigate to the Colour palette window then tap to select a desired palette based on your colors from your new wallpaper.

    There is also an option to apply the selected palette to app icons. Using a color palette is optional so you may opt to Skip or Apply it. 

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Wallpapers from Gallery

If you have stored some pleasing images on your phone, you can use any of them as the new wallpaper for the Home screen and/or Lock screen. 

  • To apply this setting, go back to the Wallpaper and style menu then tap Gallery

There, you can browse through all your saved pictures and albums then select the image that you’d like to use as wallpaper.

Other Wallpaper services

If you want your Lock screen to automatically display different wallpapers each time, you can use the inbuilt Dynamic Lock screen and Samsung Global Goals features from the inbuilt Wallpaper services.

  • To access and use this feature, just head over to the Wallpaper and style menu then tap Lock screen wallpaper services. 

On the succeeding window, you can browse through a wide variety of options from the Dynamic Lock screen and Samsung Global Goals packages.

New Wallpapers from Galaxy Themes

Aside from featured wallpapers and saved images, you can also pick any from the best selling wallpapers in the Galaxy Themes app.

  • Just head over to your phone Settings-> Themes menu then wait for it to load up the Galaxy Themes app. 

While in the Galaxy Themes app, tap the Wallpapers tab to view all available wallpapers from Featured and Top categories.

You can choose any from Free wallpapers or pay a one-time charge for premium picks.

What about Cover Screen Wallpaper?

Again, the above outlined procedure is only applicable when altering the default lock screen and Home screen wallpaper on the Galaxy Z Flip 4 device. Should you wish to change the cover screen wallpaper, you will need to access a different setting, particularly the Clock style menu.

  • To access and manage this setting, just go to Settings-> Cover screen-> Clock style menu. 

There you should see different styles to choose from. You can also set your own photo and preferred clock style. 

The use of animated images as the cover screen’s background wallpaper is also supported. You can select any short video clip from your phone’s Gallery app.

And that’s it!

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