How To Change The Ringtone And Vibration Pattern in iOS 16

The default ringtone on your iPhone can become so boring after a few weeks of use. That is why Apple has given you the freedom to change the ringtone any time and your device already has several ringtones to choose from. 

Estimate Cost : 0

Time Needed : 3 minutes

Aside from that, you can also change the vibration pattern to make it more dynamic when your iPhone rings. The settings for these features can be found in the same menu and they’re pretty easy to change. 

Here’s how you do it: 

  1. From the Home screen, find and tap Settings.

    This will open the Settings app and bring you to the screen where you can change some of the features of your device. 

  2. Scroll down a bit and tap Sounds & Haptics.

    This will bring you to the screen where you can manipulate some audio-related features in your phone. 

  3. To change the ringtone of your device, tap Ringtone.

    This will show you the pre-installed ringtones you can choose from.

  4. Tap on a tone to put the check beside it.

    That  means that it’s selected and it will play for you to know how it sounds. And that’s how easy it is to change the ringtone of your device. 

  5. To change the vibration pattern, tap Vibration at the top.

    This will also show you a bunch of pre-set vibration patterns you can choose from. 

  6. Tap any of the vibrations under the Standard section.

    Your iPhone will vibrate to let you know the dynamics. 

  7. To create a custom one, tap Create New Vibration.

    It will bring you to the screen where you can make your own pattern. 

  8. Create a pattern or dynamic by tapping on the screen.

    It all depends on you how you want your device to vibrate when it rings. 

  9. When finished, tap Save.

    The Save option is located at the top-right corner. 

  10. Enter the name of your new vibration.

    You may then tap Save to proceed. 

  • iPhone 14
  • iOS 16

After saving the custom vibration, it will automatically be selected so you can continue using your iPhone. 

The next time you get a call, your device will play the ringtone you chose and the vibration you created. 

We hope that this guide can be helpful.

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