How to Change BACKGROUND COLOR in Instagram Story

Instagram has been providing a lot of cool features lately and continues to improve the existing features on their app. This is to maintain their current status as one of the most used social media sites. One of Instagram’s cool features is the Insta-stories, in which you can customize and change background color. 

From a simple photo-sharing app, Instagram has been playful enough to innovate the features on their app and entice more users to use it. Aside from allowing their users to upload contents with great filters and post it on their profile feed, they can also share a post to their Instagram story. 

Instagram story or Insta-stories as what they call it, allows the users to share photos or videos to their story timeline. These contents will be shown in a slide-show format and is viewable for 24 hours.  Others say that Instagram story works as the secondary feed on Instagram as you can view the contents continuously. 

If you want to know how you can customize the appearance of your Insta-stories, read further. You’ll find the steps on how to change background color in the Instagram story below.

Customize your Instagram Story and Change the Background Color

Estimate Cost : 0

Time Needed : 05 minutes

Here are the steps to change your Insta-story’s background color:

  1. Open your Instagram app and tap on Your Story.

    It is located at the upper left below the camera icon.

    instagram story change background color

  2. Select any content.

    You can either access contents from your Gallery app or take a picture.

    insta story select content

  3. Tap the Pen icon at the top of the screen.

    This will show you different marker types.

    insta story pen icon

  4. Choose the first marker. Then select the color that you would like to choose for your story.

    Once selected,perform a long press on the screen. That should change the entire color of the screen that corresponds from the color you selected.

    insta story choose color

  5. After selecting your desired color, tap on Done.

    You can now add text, stickers or effects on your story with the chosen background color.

    insta story put effects

  6. If you're ready, tap on Your Story at the lower left.

    This will upload the content to your Insta-stories.

    insta story share stories

  • Instagram app
  • iPhone

After sending the contents to your Instagram story, you can verify if it is successfully added by tapping on Your Story option at the upper left corner. 

If you aim to gain more followers on your Instagram account, you can post contents on your Instagram stories that could entice the crowd. You can upload funny contents or photos with motivational messages on your Insta-stories. You can also add hashtags that should allow people to discover your stories or use some decorations like location stickers. 

But you can always post some cool stuff on your Instagram stories, as long as they’re appropriate and follow Instagram’s terms and conditions. 

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