How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy S6 Using Password or Pin

If you want to unlock Samsung Galaxy S6 using password or PIN, access Settings from the home apps screen. Tap Lock screen and Security. Select the Lock Screen Type at the top, and choose a new unlock style. It is also recommended to use a fingerprint for convenience and added security.

Smartphone security is important to protect your important files and for your privacy. You can also follow the steps indicated above should you have forgotten your PIN or password on your Galaxy S6 device. 

If you have been locked out on your device, it is important to update the security protocols like screen password or PIN. I have also mapped out the detailed instructions below for you to follow. 

If you’re locked out of your Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone because it won’t recognize your fingerprint or you can’t remember your password or pin code, the following three steps are your only options to accessing your device:

  • If you have access to the Google account and password that is set-up on your device, see if you can unlock your smartphone through the Android Device Manager.
  • If you log into Android Device Manager and your smartphone isn’t there, try entering the wrong password into your phone and it might ask you to unlock it by entering your Google account password.
  • If it does not prompt you for your Google account, then the only way to unlock your device is to perform a hard reset and wipe it completely. Unfortunately this means deleting the content you have saved in your Samsung Galaxy.

    For a complete visual guide on how to perform a hard reset, click here.

I hope that this article has provided you the needed information to unlock Samsung Galaxy S6 using password or PIN.

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