Can’t Answer Incoming Calls on Nexus 5X Smartphone

Are you having an issue where you can’t answer incoming calls on Nexus 5x smartphone? Has this been an ongoing problem on your device? Then let’s find out how you can fix this by reading further. 

Call problems are common on smartphones these days. Various reasons could cause such behavior to occur on your device. One of them is poor cellular network coverage. System upgrades on your network provider’s end could also cause relevant symptoms to occur. 

If this is the first that you experience a difficulty in answering incoming calls on your Nexus 5x smartphone, make sure that your device touchscreen is working fine. Screen problems may also hinder you from answering incoming calls. Unresponsive screen will stop you from doing anything on your device.


If you’re having issues answering calls as they come in on your Nexus, there are a few things you can try to fix the issue:

  • The first is to simply power off your device, then power it back on. This process should clear minor system glitches that might have been causing the problem on your device. 
  • If that didn’t work, you can try to “Clear the Cache” of your Phone App. Old cache may cause conflicts on your phone’s system and may have been the reason behind this problem.
    • Go into Settings > Apps and swipe right until you land on the ALL tab.
    • Scroll through the list until you land on Phone. You might find two results. Go into each one of them and tap on Clear Cache.
  • If the issue persists, go into Settings > Storage and then tap on Cached data and tap OK to clear it.
    • If none of the above worked, go into Settings > About Phone > Software Updates and install any updates that might be available.
  • If no software updates are available, then the next step to try is a complete factory restore of your Nexus. Complex system errors are hard to deal with and this might have been the reason why you’re still experiencing the incoming call issue up to this point.
  • For a complete guide on how to perform a backup and restore of your Nexus 5x click here.

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