How To Cancel App Store Subscriptions on iPhone

Would you like to cancel App Store subscriptions on your iPhone before its free-trial period is over? Read further and we will show you how it’s done.

Most of the smartphone apps are offered without fees and are free to download from the App Store. But once the free-premium expires, you’ll incur monthly or annual fees for these subscriptions. One example of an app that is offered for free for 7 days is the Apple TV+. This app allows users to view and stream TV shows and movies from the Apple TV channels, iTunes Store, and Apple TV content subscriptions.

Eventually, you’ll get charged for it once the free trial period expires. To avoid incurring monthly or annual charges for the Apple TV+ subscription, all you need to do is to cancel the subscription on the iPhone App Store. 

Cancellation of App Store subscriptions can be done via Settings menu or directly from the App Store menu. In this article, we will provide you with the step-by-step process and illustrations on how to cancel a subscription on your iPhone via Settings menu. Whether you want to cancel an App Store subscription on a free-trial period or with fees, feel free to refer to this post and fulfill the cancellation of your subscriptions.

How To Cancel App Store Subscriptions on iPhone

Time Needed : 02 minutes

Listed below are the steps to cancel App Store subscriptions on iPhone though the Settings menu . If you no longer need the app/s that you are currently subscribed to, simply follow these steps:

  1. Launch the Settings app from Home.

    Settings app is also where you can customized your phone's settings.

    cancel app store subscriptions

  2. Tap to select your Apple ID.

    This Apple ID shows your name and the profile image used.
    cancel app store subscriptions

  3. Tap Subscriptions.

    The subscriptions section provides you with the list of App Store subscriptions. (both active and expired subscriptions)

    cancel app store subscriptions

  4. Then select the subscription that you wish to cancel.

    In this illustration, we will cancel the Apple TV+ subscription.

    cancel app store subscriptions

  5. Tap Cancel Subscription.

    This field also provides you with the monthly or annual charges of the subscription after the 7-day free trial period.

    cancel app store subscriptions

  6. If prompted, tap Confirm.

    This is where you confirm the cancellation of the subscription.

    cancel app store subscriptions

  7. Once cancelled, the item will remain under Subscriptions.

    After the cancellation of the Apple TV+ subscription, the app will still show under subscriptions. This also goes the same with the rest of the cancelled subscriptions (if there's any). Since it has already been cancelled, the cancel button is no longer available. Hence, it will provide you with the option to resubscribe. To resubscribe, simply tap either the monthly or annual subscription options.

    cancel app store subscriptions

  • Apple iPhone
  • iOS 13

If there’s an app that isn’t showing a cancellation button while it is showing ACTIVE on the subscriptions listing, it is possible that the subscription period hasn’t expired even if you’ve already set off the cancellation. Being said, you need to check its expiration date. If you are paying monthly service for that particular app, you need to check for the renewal date instead.

Meanwhile, for those subscriptions that are not listed on the Subscription section, you need to contact the app provider to directly cancel the subscription.

I hope that we are able to help you cancel your App Store subscriptions. If you have other concerns about your iPhone device, please feel free to visit our website. You can also check our YouTube channel for more video tutorials and troubleshooting guides. Thanks for reading!

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