5 Best Fast Charging Type C Cables For iPhone

Want to get rid of all of those silly adapters you have for your USB-C devices? You really don’t want to have to connect up a dongle every time you want to hook your iPhone up to your MacBook. A cable that goes straight from lightning to USB-C is the most seamless option for you. Not only that, but a dongle can reduce the amount of fast charging capabilities you get out of your cord. So, if you get a cord that is purely USB-C to Lightning, you’ll increase the charging (and data transfer speeds) of your iPhone exponentially.

A lot of USB-C to Lightning cables can charge your iPhone super fast. If you were to put a dead iPhone on the charger, a USB-C to Lightning cable should be able to charge your phone up by 50% in just 30 minutes. The charging speeds truly are impeccable.

Follow along below, and we’ll show you the best USB-C to Lightning cables that you can get your hands on!

Best Fast Charging Type C Cables For iPhone

Fast Charging Type C Cables

1. PD Fast Charge Cable

First up on our list is the PD Fast Charge Cable. This is a USB-C to Lightning cable that is three feet in length — just the perfect length for connecting your phone up to your MacBook or throwing it on a USB-C charger. It works seamlessly well with Apple 29W, 61W, and 87W USB-C wall adapters. This particular cable manufacturer offers a 30-day Money Back Guarantee, asking no questions if you want to return it.

Fast Charging Type C Cables

2. Metrans

Next up, we have another USB-C to Lightning cable, created by Metrans. This cable has a similar length as the PD Fast Charge Cable — you’ll get just 3.3 feet to connect up your iPhone to your MacBook or wall charger. The wires are braided in high-quality nylon, so you should be reasonably protected against any potential breaks in the wire. Since this is a USB-C cable, you shouldn’t have to worry about what orientation your cable is in to plug it in.

Fast Charging Type C Cables


Third, we have a USB-C to Lightning cable by a company called MCDODO. You’ve likely never heard of them before, but they do make a high-quality cable. It’s longer than the rest in this list so far, sitting at 6 feet in length. That’s more than enough cable length to figure out how to get your iPhone to reach far enough to plug into your MacBook or wall adapter. This particular cable boasts some wicked fast speeds — you should be able to get your brand new iPhone charged up from dead to 50% in just 30 minutes on the wire! Not only that, but the data transfer speeds in this cable are pretty high as well. An off-shoot Chinese company makes it, but Amazon backs it, so you should have no need to worry about the quality of this cable.

Fast Charging Type C Cables

4. Steanum

Steanum makes a fantastic USB-C to Lightning cable, as well. There’s not a whole lot different here than the rest on this list, but there is a noticeably better nylon material used for the braid around the wire. However, it is a little shorter than what is found in the MCDODO cable at just a little over three feet in length. The cable overall works excellent, and it will work with most of your Apple products, including the iPhone; however, it’s just not going to work with your iPad Pro models.

Fast Charging Type C Cables

5. Airsfish

Last up on our list of USB-C to Lightning cables is the Airsfish. Again, not a whole lot different here, but you do get a two-pack — this means that you’re getting two USB-C to Lightning cables for the price of one. The nylon-braided cord is made out of more premium material, so you are getting quality protection here.

Best Fast Charging Type C Cables For iPhone Verdict

All five of these cables on this list work extremely well, so which one should you pick up for yourself (and maybe even a friend!)? Again, there’s not too big of a difference from cable to cable here — they all do the same thing: offer connectivity from USB-C to Lightning. However, if you want to buy the most high-quality material, you’re probably looking at the Airsfish USB-C to Lightning Cable — and this certainly isn’t a bad thing because you’re getting two cables for the price of one in that package. The PD Fast Charge Cable certainly isn’t a bad choice either, and neither is the Steanum.

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