Facebook App Keeps Closing on Android Smartphone

Facebook is one of the most used social media apps that keeps closing compared to other social media platforms. Though bugs and glitches are most likely to blame, there are other several reasons why the Facebook app keeps closing on android smartphones. One of those is the phone getting too hot. 

If you have been using your smartphone for an extended period, there is a great tendency that it reaches a high temperature and affects its performance. If your device is getting too hot or the temperature is not normal, make sure to give it some rest by turning off your device. Try using your device in an air conditioned room or in a cooler location and check if it resolves the issue. 

If you’re still facing the Facebook keeps on crashing problem,  I’ve mapped out some useful solutions below. Try performing the procedures and check if it resolves the problem. 

How to Fix A Facebook App that Keeps Crashing

  1. Clear some memory. Low storage on your phone can greatly affect its overall performance. If you’re using your smartphone for quite a long time already, there’s a tendency that it accumulates too much space on the storage. Additionally, clear the Facebook app’s cache as it prevents any lagging or stopping issue that may occur while using the app. You can clear your phone’s storage space and the app’s cache by accessing it under Settings and go to Storage. Note: Options may vary depending on your device. 
  2. Update Facebook App. Bug fixes and stability updates are being provided by app developers regularly through patches. Updating your Facebook app may help in diluting the issue. You may update the Facebook app by launching Google Play Store and check for My Apps & Games option. 
  3. Uninstall then Reinstall Facebook App. If the bug is tough enough, then it may help if you’ll delete the app. Doing so allows an overall refresh and removes any stubborn glitches that may have been hindering the proper performance of the app on your android smartphone. To delete the app, simply access the Settings and go to Applications. Look for Facebook and select Uninstall. You may also long press the Facebook icon on your phone and select App info then uninstall it. To reinstall, go to Google Play Store and search for Facebook. 
  4. Wipe out your device. Complex system errors may be hard to deal with and performing simple solutions may not work in fixing the Facebook that keeps on closing problems. Performing a factory reset might eradicate these crucial glitches. Please be reminded that doing so will delete all information on your device, including those that may be important to you. Make sure to backup your files before heading to Settings and selecting Factory reset. 

Those are the things that you can try in fixing the Facebook error on your android smartphone. If none of these procedures worked, you can also contact Facebook support for additional insights on how to deal with the issue. 

You may also contact your phone manufacturer and report the issue. They could also provide official recommendations and additional information that may help in resolving the Facebook app that keeps closing on android smartphones. 

I hope that this article has provided you with some valuable information and fixed the issue. We also have our Youtube channel that you can open anytime for tutorials and troubleshooting guides. Feel free to subscribe and don’t forget to like the videos. Thank you. 

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