How to Adjust Screen Timeout and Brightness on Samsung Galaxy A23

This post will help you manage the display settings on the Galaxy A23 smartphone to make the screen dimmer or brighter and to keep the screen on for a specific period of time. Here’s a quick guide on how to adjust screen timeout and brightness on Samsung Galaxy A23.

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One UI 4.1 Display Settings

Screen Timeout is a display feature that can be enabled whenever the need to preserve battery life arises. When enabled, Screen Timeout automatically turns the screen off after the specified idle time.

In recent Samsung devices, the maximum screen timeout duration is 10 minutes. That’s how long you can keep your phone’s display on without any activity.

Setting the screen timeout duration to the lowest time is recommended when saving power like when the device is running low on battery and you need to use it further until the next charge.

Meanwhile, if the device has ample battery life and you don’t want it to sleep immediately after a short period of inactivity, then you can set the screen timeout duration higher instead.

Aside from screen timeout, adjusting the screen brightness can also help optimize power usage. Screen brightness can be set automatically or manually.

If you’re trying to save power, then manually adjusting the screen brightness to a lower level can help.

Feel free to refer to the step-by-step walkthrough if you’re not familiar with the process.

Steps to Adjust Screen Timeout and Brightness on Samsung Galaxy A23

Adjusting the display settings in One UI 4 or later devices including the Galaxy A23 is pretty easy. You can do all necessary adjustments to your phone’s screen via settings menu or through the quick panel.

The following steps are carried out based on the Galaxy A23 user interface but can also be applied on other Samsung Galaxy phones with the same operating system.

Actual screens and menu options may vary between device models and wireless carriers.

A. Adjusting Screen Timeout

Step 1: From the Home/Apps screen, find and then tap Settings to launch the main settings app menu.
adjust screen timeout and brightness galaxy a23 SETTINGS
Step 2: In the settings menu, tap Display. Relevant features will load up on the next screen.
adjust screen timeout and brightness galaxy a23 DISPLAY
Step 3: Find and then tap Screen Timeout to change and set a new screen timeout duration.
adjust screen timeout and brightness galaxy a23 SCREEN TO
Step 4: Select your preferred time duration on the pop-up menu. Just tap on your preferred timeout option.
adjust screen timeout and brightness galaxy a23 DURATION

The new screen timeout duration will be applied and thus the phone screen should automatically sleep when the set time is reached.

B. Adjusting Screen Brightness

Step 1: Tap Settings from the Home/Apps screen to launch the Settings app.
adjust screen timeout and brightness galaxy a23 SETTINGS
Step 2: From the Settings app menu, find and then tap Display. Another screen opens with a list of all built-in display features and settings.
adjust screen timeout and brightness galaxy a23 DISPLAY
Step 3: Navigate to the Brightness slider and then drag the brightness slider to the left or right, accordingly.
adjust screen timeout and brightness galaxy a23 SLIDER

Dragging the slider to the left reduces the screen brightness and therefore makes the screen dimmer while dragging it to the right increases and makes the screen brighter.

Alternatively, you can adjust the screen brightness straight from the Samsung Galaxy quick settings panel. To do so, simply pull up the quick settings panel/notification panel and then drag the brightness slider to the left or right accordingly.

adjust screen timeout and brightness galaxy a23 QP

Adjusting the screen brightness on your phone isn’t only good for visual enhancements but also for eye safety. It can also help in power management as dimming the screen can help reduce battery usage and thereby extends battery life on your device.

Other features that affects screen brightness

Aside from screen timeout and brightness, there are also other features that you can turn on or off for visibility enhancements or power optimization. Outlined below are pertinent features available on the Samsung Galaxy A23 smartphone.

1. Power Saving Mode. 

Putting the phone in power saving or enabling power saving mode will likewise make the phone’s screen dimmer.

While power saving is enabled, certain features and services with high power consumptions are temporarily disabled to extend the phone’s battery life. 

You can turn Power saving mode on and off through the settings menu or from the quick panel on your device.

2. Adaptive brightness. 

With Adaptive brightness enabled, your phone will automatically adjust the screen brightness depending on your surroundings. The adjustments will be made by the ambient light sensor of the phone that detects the changes in the ambient light.

3. Dark mode. 

Aside from a cooler layout, putting the phone in dark mode can also help lower battery consumption on the phone as it reduces the light emitted by the phone’s screens while maintaining the minimum color contrast ratios required for readability. When enabled, a dark theme will be applied to the Android system interface and supported applications. 

4. Eye comfort shield.

As the name implies, the comfort shield feature works by adjusting the display color and brightness level to lessen or remove blue light emission from the screen.

Enabling this feature will help prevent accumulating eye screen or eye fatigue from prolonged screen exposure especially when using the device at night or in low-light settings.

Any of the aforementioned display features can be enabled or disabled on your device at any time when needed. 

And that’s how you change screen timeout and brightness on the Galaxy A23 smartphone.

Hope this helps!

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