How to Add a Website Icon to your iPhone Home Screen

If you need help in adding a website icon to your iPhone home screen, read this post and be guided.

Your iPhone home screen is a place where you can find the built-in apps and those that you have downloaded and installed from the App Store. However, you can also add website shortcuts to your home screen.

There are a lot of apps that need to be downloaded from the App Store in order for you to be able to use its complete features. Hence, downloading and installing the app isn’t that necessary when all you need to do is use its basic features.

So instead of installing the full app version, might just add a website shortcut icon on your iPhone’s main screen. And if you haven’t done this before, we will show you how to get this thing done.

How to Add a Website Icon to your iPhone Home Screen

Time Needed : 03 minutes

Highlighted below are the quick and easy steps to add a website icon to your iPhone Home screen. Make sure to enable your cellular data or connect to a WiFi network beforehand. If you are ready, continue reading.

  1. Open your Safari browser.

    On the search tab, type in the website you want to show on your iPhone home screen.


  2. Tap the Share icon.

    It is the arrow up icon shown at the bottom part of the screen.


  3. Then tap the Add to Home screen option.

    Swipe the screen left or right to find this option.


  4. Then tap the Add button.

    You can edit the website’s shortcut name, then tap Add button at the top-right corner of the screen.


  • Apple iPhone
  • Safari browser

The website icon will then be visible on your iPhone’s home screen. Often times, the shortcut icons will look exactly the same as the actual apps you downloaded and installed from the App Store. However, once you tap the shortcut icon from your home screen, the page will be launched on the Safari browser.

The advantage of using the web version of the site on your iPhone is that it won’t take so much of your memory space. Unlike the downloaded apps, it won’t use much data when running in the background. Thus, it will save and even improve your phone’s battery life.

And that’s everything about adding a website icon on your Apple iPhone device. I hope that we are able to help you one way or another. If you are looking for more tutorial videos and smartphones troubleshooting guides, please visit our website and subscribe to our YouTube Channel. Thank you for reading!

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