5 Best Free Streaming Apps For Note 9

If you love movies and TV shows, but avoid buying the DVDs and Blu-Rays to make them a little more low cost through rentals, then you understand how even in renting, movies and TV shows can get expensive quickly. In fact, there are many TV shows that you can’t rent, and you have to buy the episodes or entire seasons outright. That makes things super pricey and unsustainable for most people. Best free streaming apps.

So how do you watch your favorite TV shows and movies without paying for them? There’s not a whole lot of ways legally, but there are movie streaming apps out there for the Galaxy Note 9 that will let you watch content for free, or at little to no cost. Follow along below, and we’ll show you the best options for you. Here are our top picks.

Tubi TV

First up on our list, we’re taking a look at Tubi TV. This is probably one of the best and easiest ways to start watching your favorite movies and TV shows for free. You can actually snag Tubi TV from the Google Play Store — there’s no sideloading required here. Launch the app on your Galaxy Note 9 and you can start watching content almost immediately. Tubi TV doesn’t have any subscription fees for you to pay, and you certainly don’t need any credit card information to start watching.

Probably one of the best things about Tubi TV is that it has a massive library of content available. You certainly won’t run out of content to watch on Tubi TV, and they do work to keep things fresh by constantly updating the content available.

Download it now: Google Play Store


“Netflix is on your list? Seriously?” you might be asking. While Netflix doesn’t have a whole lot of options available to most people as far as free content goes, there is a pretty easy way to “game” the system. Many folks play the “free trial” game, constantly creating new accounts, aliases, email addresses, and credit card information to continue taking advantage of Netflix’s 1-month free trial to newcomers. It can take a little bit of work to keep going, but if you don’t want to pay for content, this is an easy way to watch great titles next to nothing.

There is another way that you can watch Netflix for free. That way is to keep an eye out for promotions that cell carriers offer — many of them are now offering limited promotions that get you 12-months of free Netflix. It might require a phone purchase, or switching over to another carrier’s network, but it is a way to watch Netflix for free.

Download it now: Google Play Store


You might’ve not heard of Popcornflix before, but this is an excellent way to start watching hundreds of movie and TV show titles for free. Download the app to your Galaxy Note 9 from the Google Play Store, and you can start watching almost immediately. The best thing about Popcornflix is that there’s no subscription fees associated with the app, and you also don’t have to enter in any credit card information.

Popcornflix will keep you busy for a couple months, but one thing we should mention is that quality is in standard DVD video quality. You won’t be getting any 2K or 4K resolution out of Popcornflix, but it’ll still be clear enough for you to enjoy your favorite content.

Download it now: Popcornflix


Crackle is another excellent option, and it’s actually one that many folks haven’t heard of before. Crackle is actually put on by Sony, and is essentially Sony’s attempt at entering into the streaming industry against competition like Netflix and Hulu. While they are competing with Netflix and Hulu pretty rigorously, Crackle still doesn’t have a whole lot of content on it, not nearly as much as its competitors. That doesn’t mean there’s nothing, as there’s plenty to keep you busy for months.

Watching shows like Seinfeld will be no problem on Crackle, and you’ll be able to check out movies like The Karate Kid and Annabelle without a problem. Crackle is completely free to use as well — all you have to do is activate it on your Galaxy Note 9 and you’re good to go.

Download it now: Crackle


Yidio comes in as last up on our list, and that’s because it isn’t app that you can use to stream content directly from, instead, it’s a pretty good place to find free movies and TV shows at. Yidio has a massive database of over a million titles, so you’ll be able to easily find what you’re looking for with the service. It’ll show you search results that match what you searched for, and then give you information on where you can stream that movie or TV show for free, or at least for the lowest cost possible.

You can snag Yidio from the Google Play Store for free at the link below.

Download it now: Yidio


As you can see, there are a lot of great ways to stream movies and TV shows for free. There’s not really a “best” way to do that with an app on our list, as all of them have all sorts of different content available. It’s worth giving them all a shot at least once so that you can get access to a wide variety of content.