5 Best AirPod Alternatives for iPhone

Don’t like how Apple’s new AirPods fit in your ear? Or maybe you were not impressed with the sound quality or even the battery life inside. Either way, there are still tons of excellent alternatives to the AirPod out there for the iPhone.

If you’re looking for something more comfortable, or are looking for improvements in other areas, be sure to follow along with us below — we’re showing you five other options that will stack up well against the AirPods.


Samsung Galaxy Buds

Enter the Samsung Galaxy Buds. Samsung hasn’t had its authentic version of the Apple AirPods, so the new Samsung Galaxy Buds are a very welcome addition to the wireless headphone market.  They offer you similar sound quality — we wouldn’t necessarily say it’s better, though that can be very subjective. The most important thing is that they provide you the seamless connectivity that you’re looking for.

One of the things that the Samsung Galaxy Buds gets right is a comfort. They’re much easier to keep in your ears all day long. Battery life isn’t too bad either — there are six hours of battery life in the earbuds themselves. Then there are another seven hours in the case itself, which doubles as a wireless charger for your Galaxy Buds.

As you might imagine, there is water resistance inside as well, which makes them ideal for jogging in the rain or doing an intense workout at the gym. You don’t have to worry about accidental spills ruining these.

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Bose SoundSport Free

Coming up next, we’re looking at the Bose SoundSport Free. These are an excellent choice for those that are concerned about sound quality. Bose has been a top audio manufacturer for years now, has made sure that sound quality is top-notch in these headphones. That said, you get excellent lows and clear highs. Bass sounds great, too.

While the Bose SoundSport headphones hit all the marks in sound quality, they do some other things well, too. After your first pairing, these can automatically connect and disconnect when you put them in your ears and take them out. There is also built-in firmware that will let you track your headphones if you lose them.

One of the “cons” to these is the battery life. There is only up to five hours of playback time with each charge, and an additional 10 hours with the included charging case.

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MPow Wireless Earbud


Most AirPod alternatives today are insanely pricey; however, MPow developed its alternative with affordability and comfort in mind. However, the affordability does come at a cost — you’re not going to get anywhere near the sound quality or battery life that you would out of a real alternative.

That said, MPow offers a competitive earbud by maximizing comfort, sound quality, and battery life. It’s not necessarily designed for sport, but it is great for talking on the phone in the car or listening to music or a podcast while doing something else.

Battery life is alright here, only giving you 4.5 hours out of this earbud at full volume, and a few more hours out of it if you stick to around 40%.

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Jabra Elite Sports Wireless

In fourth place, we’re looking at the Jabra Elite Sports Wireless earbuds. These are relatively comfortable and can be adjusted from person-to-person, as they come with ear tips you can swap out.

Battery life is similar to the Apple AirPods here, which is so impressive. They bring you 4.5 hours off a single charge. But, the included charging case will help you keep them juiced up all week.

Jabra has been able to achieve some excellent sound quality here, too. You get insanely good bass, highs, and lows. They also come with a built-in microphone, which allows you to take hands-free calls with these.

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JAM Ultra

And finally, we’re looking at the JAM Ultra earbuds. They have some excellent sound quality and have several impressive hands-free abilities. However, we think where they outshine the AirPods is in comfort. These feel great, and you’ll have no problem keeping them in your ear all day long.

These outshine the Apple AirPods in battery life, too. The charging case actually can give you up to an extra 30 to 33 hours when fully charged. The earbuds themselves only last three or so hours, depending on the volume level.

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We showed you five AirPod alternatives for the iPhone above. While the AirPods have some unique technology in them, we think the above choices stack up quite well, if not better than the AirPods. That all depends on your preferences, of course, but many of them are worth at least checking out. We think the new Galaxy Buds by Samsung are making some waves, especially in terms of comfort.

Do you have a favorite AirPod alternative for the iPhone? Let us know in the comments section below.